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Create individual tours and automate them. Share local knowledge, history, and even your jokes - tourists download your guide and listen to it as they drive or hike - from their smartphone. You (the guide) earn from every tour - and at ZguideZ, we believe that the guide deserves the majority of all profit made from their tour.

Real Guides - Real Tours

We created ZguideZ because we believe that the guide is the most important part of a good tour. We don't use voice actors or professionally written scripts - we use real guides giving the tours they love.

Automated Tours

ZguideZ tours are fully automated. This means that the same guide can run an unlimited number of tours (and get paid for them) at the same time.

Unique Perspectives

As guides, we've discovered that the same tour can be completely different with a different guide. This is why we use real guides with unique perspectives.

Local Knowledge Experts

We carefully vet all of our guides to make sure that they are offering accurate, interesting, and unique tours to ZguideZ clients. What makes your tour special?

Self timed and reasonably priced

When guests use ZguideZ, they set their own time to start and finish. The pace is up to them. If the guide is going too fast or they need a break, they can just hit the pause button.

Are your tours good enough to be ZguideZ?

We feel that Z represents the end of the line for automated tourism. A ZguideZ tour needs that special something to make it work. Are your tours good enough to be ZguideZ?

Here is our story. We are two seasoned Oahu private tour guides. One of us owns an Oahu Tour Company and the other has worked in technology, project management, and content creation for decades. Both of us are active tour guides on Oahu with strong backgrounds in the Hawaii Tourism industry.

A few years ago, we saw that there were several companies that were creating automated tours using copy-written scripts and voice actors. As tour guides, we believe that more than half the tour relies on the personality and knowledge of the local guides. So, rather than watch our profession be eaten up by automation - we decided to build a company that gives local guides a piece of the pie and preserves local, indigenous, and personal knowledge of the people who have been sharing aloha with visitors for generations.

Get on the list - be a part of ZguideZ.

We are looking for the best guides in the world to be a part of ZguideZ. Do you have what it takes?

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